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This map was created using data on rural loans. The GIS analysis shows where the density of loan amounts is higher (as opposed to where there are more individual loans). It is meant to highlight where the larger loans are concentrated. Notice that there are areas with many individual loans and low amount density. The methodology used to draw the map is as follows: The banks provided portfolio data with x/y coordinates in WGS84 format, which where projected and added to a basemap. Using the “point density” geographic analysis under the spatial analyst in ArcGIS 10.3, we derived a density of...
Weather variability is a key limiting constraint to investments and the modernization of agriculture in Senegal. The drought-prone Sahel is characterized by irregular rainfall and relatively poor soils. Created in 2008 as a public-private partnership, the National Agricultural Insurance Company of Senegal (CNAAS) is in charge of underwriting crop and livestock insurance. At the request of the Minister of Finance of Senegal, a feasibility study was completed in 2009 by the World Bank to assess the potential of index insurance. This study recommended the development of weather-based index...