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GIIF collaborates with the ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility to strengthen knowledge dissemination related activities. The collaboration aims at improving the delivery of index insurance to farmers and their families as well as businesses, through the extraction, dissemination and promotion of lessons mainly from GIIF implementing partners and to strengthen microinsurance markets in countries that have a strong index insurance potential. This  knowledge partnership offers knowledge sharing and technical training to local stakeholders by focusing on global knowledge management and communications functions; the communication among practitioners through the Index Insurance Community of Practice (CoP); the development of publications, emerging insights, webinars open to public and CoP members; and stakeholder trainings in select country locations for market development. 

More specifically, the collaboration has the below activities:

1) Managing knowledge in index insurance: 

Building and sustaining a Community of Index Insurance Practitioners:
  • Virtual meetings and webinars where members share their experience, followed by online discussions
  • Annual peer exchange visits among members where they are immersed in the context and operations of a host organization.
  • Online spaces where members can share insights, updates  and relevant documents, as well as have online discussions like the Index Insurance Forum and the GlIF LinkedIn Group
  • Annual knowledge sharing meetings where good practices and challenges are discussed
Packaging lessons learned in index insurance practice:
  • Customization and roll out of action research and lessons extraction tool among GIIF implementing partners
  • Production of thematic briefs, emerging insights and training modules that convert lessons into actionable tools
Disseminating and sharing lessons and knowledge to the broader insurance community: 
  • Online dissemination of knowledge products
  • Conducting public webinars to disseminate lessons learned
  • Organizing a knowledge sharing activities
2) Strengthening markets for effective index insurance 
  • Training practitioners on foundational skills in insurance
  • Building an insurance culture among consumers
  • Promoting a client-centric insurance 
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