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This 2-part article focuses on rural women’s needs to access to insurance, and related research to better understand the importance of gender-responsive insurance products to mitigate women’s financial and health risks. In this Part, you will read about the current context with references to research and emerging trends. Part II will provide a deeper view of these trends in the agricultural insurance sector, with examples from the field. Worldwide, women represent an emerging customer segment for insurance with high growth potential, and there is an increasing interest among insurers and
One billion out of the world’s 1.2 billion youth (age 15-24) live in developing countries. Africa will represent the youngest region in the 21 st century at the time when the western population continues to age and by 2050, one-third of global youth will be in Sub-Saharan Africa. IFAD predicts that Africa’s share of the global rural youth population is expected to rise from 20% to 37% in the next 30 years , and agriculture remains the main source of employment for them in most low and middle-income countries. Of the 25 million young people entering the labor market in the region every year