InsuResilience Global Partnership Announced Vision 2025 at UN Climate Action Summit
On Sept 23, 2019, the InsuResilience Global Partnership (IGP) announced its Vision 2025 and work plan at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York. In the communiqué, IGP committed to enhancing climate and disaster risk finance and insurance ( CDFRI) as a solution to close the protection gap and emphasize the urgency of scaling up and accelerating risk financing in 2019 and beyond. In its Vision 2025 and Workplan, IGP dedicated to achieving ten goals, including: 500 million poor and vulnerable people covered against disaster and climate shocks by pre-arranged risk finance and insurance
GIIF Launched Index Agricultural Insurance Project in Cameroon

GIIF signed grant agreements with two Cameroonian insurance companies, ACTIVA Assurance and AXA Cameroon, to help tens of thousands of Cameroonian farmers and pastoralists, especially in the cotton, maize, sorghum and livestock sectors, acquire affordable insurance coverage. Both IFC partner insurance companies have already established strong relationships with cotton industry players - SODECOTON and the National Confederation of Cameroon Cotton Producers (CNPCC) - and have provided index insurance to nearly 8,000 cotton growers in the Northern region of the country for the 2019 campaign. To

United Nations, IFC, African Risk Capacity, and AAISA Work Towards Creating Disaster Risk Insurance Markets in Africa

Dakar, Senegal, June 24, 2019— IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, together with the African Union’s African Risk Capacity agency and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa today opened a two-week training event on index and disaster risk insurance. The training will help African governments, the private sector, and the international community carry out financial planning to protect vulnerable populations against climate shocks, disasters, and other crises. Index and disaster risk insurance products help protect agribusinesses, farmers, and other low-income populations against

Launch of AACI’s Index Insurance Product for Cotton Farmers
> On April 25, 2019, GIIF partner Atlantique Assurances Cote d’Ivoire (AACI) organized the official launch ceremony of its index insurance product – Atlantique Assur’ Coton – designed to provide insurance coverage for cotton farmers in Cote d’Ivoire. The ceremony was marked by the presence of several Government officials, including the Minister of Solidarity and Social Cohesion, Ms. Mariatou Kone (also Mayor of the town of Boundiali), the Prefect of the Bagoué Region, and the Regional Director of Agriculture. Hundreds of participants attended the event, including cotton
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> On April 30, 2019, the first Steering Committee meeting for the GIIF project in Cote d’Ivoire took place at Hotel Ibis Plateau, Abidjan. The meeting gathered 15 participants from the Government, insurance sector players and producer associations, to discuss about the setup of the Steering Committee as an enabling tool and guidance framework for achieving the project’s desired targets and outcomes. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Karim Diarassouba, the Insurance Commissioner, who also gave the opening speech. He emphasized the importance of agriculture and index-based
GIIF, Africa RE to Develop New Insurance Market for Nigeria’s Farmers
LAGOS, Nigeria, 26 March 2019 -- IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Africa RE, a pan-African reinsurance company headquartered in Nigeria, to help thousands of smallholder Nigerian farmers more easily access insurance to protect their crops and livelihoods. Under the agreement, Africa RE and IFC's Global Index Insurance Facility will help Nigerian insurance companies licensed by Nigeria's insurance regulator, NAICOM, develop agricultural insurance products, and deepen their index insurance business lines. These index insurance products
Agriculture Insuretech Innovation Challenge and Forum
The potential of agriculture and insurance is greatly restricted by many challenges faced throughout the product lifecycle - from product design to client delivery to claim processing. Insuretech, at the intersection of insurance and technology, holds the potential to overcome those challenges and transform the insurance landscape. Integrating Insuretech innovations with agriculture insurance promises to enhance product design, improve sales and distribution, facilitate premium collection, and optimize servicing and claims processing. To leverage innovative solutions, the Global Index
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The Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL) has developed a new insurance product called NIRSAL Comprehensive Index Insurance (NCII) to mitigate the impact and losses of agricultural yields and market price risks for smallholder farmers, PM News Nigeria reports. "NIRSAL’s goal is to expand insurance products and coverage on agricultural lending across the entire value chain by growing coverage from about 0.5 million to 3.8 million primary producers,’’ said Aliyu Abdulhameed, Managing Director of NIRSAL. NCII was developed by the Corporation in conjunction
Syngenta Foundation International Conference 2018
GIIF Program Manager Fatou Assah (far left) moderated a session at the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture International Conference on September 18, 2018, in Basel. The panel session "The Provider Perspective," discussants, including ACRE Africa's Rahab Kariuki, dove into detail on how many parts need to be moving in sync to deliver integrated solutions. | Key takeaways from the conference.
Index Insurance Training for South African Regulators
On November 16, 2018, more than 50 participants from the Financial Sector Conduct and Prudential Authority of South Africa attended a training session on the fundamentals of index insurance. The training was the first step in providing the regulators with the needed information and skills for the upcoming index insurance pilot in the country, which aims to protect smallholder farmers from weather-related risks. The workshop was delivered by the Global Index Insurance Facility (GIIF) at the request of the South African Insurance Association (SAIA), the representative body of the short-term