Agriculture Insuretech Innovation Challenge Winner: HARA

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HARA is an agriculture technology (Agtech) startup from Indonesia implementing an innovative way to collect and digitalize usually hard-to-acquire data such as information on farmers and their farm characteristics along with local weather to enable financial inclusion. At its essence, HARA is a tech firm creating a mutually beneficial data exchange platform supported by Blockchain, immutable data recording technology. HARA’s data collection mechanism rooted in a robust incentive for high data quality and field engagement equips rural youth with technology to become “Agripreneurs” to serve the last mile.  

GIIF organized an agriculture Insuretech innovation challenge/competition as a part of an Insuretech fair, which was hosted in Mumbai, India in July 2019. Through this innovation fair, the GIIF aims at improving the understanding of Insuretech, supporting the integration of different technology solutions with agriculture insurance, and applying innovation with actual programs on the ground. HARA is the Platinum Award Recipient in Sales & Distribution Category.