Agriculture Insuretech Innovation Challenge and Forum

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The potential of agriculture and insurance is greatly restricted by many challenges faced throughout the product lifecycle - from product design to client delivery to claim processing.

Insuretech, at the intersection of insurance and technology, holds the potential to overcome those challenges and transform the insurance landscape. Integrating Insuretech innovations with agriculture insurance promises to enhance product design, improve sales and distribution, facilitate premium collection, and optimize servicing and claims processing.

To leverage innovative solutions, the Global Index Insurance Facility (GIIF) is organizing an agriculture Insuretech innovation challenge/competition as a part of an Insuretech fair, to be hosted in Mumbai, India on July 8-9, 2019. Through this innovation fair, the GIIF aims at improving the understanding of InsureTech, supporting the integration of different technology solutions with agriculture insurance, and applying innovation with actual programs on the ground. 

By invitation only. For more information please visit: