Farmer Community Outreach: Mayfair Southern Testimonial

When farmers learned about weather insurance in the southern area, there were a lot of pests affecting their fields. Insurers were able to help provide them with pesticides to spray into their fields and control various pests that had attacked their crops. Insurance can help small scale farmers not only to mitigate drought spells when there is no proper rainfall, but also provide assistance when affected by many other factors.

The job of insurers, as Niza Banda (Mayfair – Index Insurance Analyst), explains is to help farmers when things become more challenging and compensate them so they are able to buy farming inputs they might need for their farming, or even food for their homes.

Farmers are also advised during this health crisis to help them when dealing with some of their family members being impacted by COVID-19. Families can now utilize their payouts to take their child or spouses to the hospital to be accordingly treated.

The community of Pemba District value the presence of Mayfair Insurance and their useful assistance when facing weather related challenges like droughts or flood, and many others. Farmers are very interested in continuing learning about these programs and getting even more coverage in the near future.

With a big Thank You to:
Niza Banda, Index Insurance Analyst at Mayfair Insurance.
Mweene Monga, Manager Business Development at Mayfair Insurance.