Farmer Community Outreach: Mayfair North Western Testimonial

Since its inception in 2014, the focus with Mayfair Insurance in Zambia has been helping small-holder farmers mitigate risks posed by climate change.  Mayfair has since insured millions of farmers and has been a farmer’s friend in securing food baskets at domestic and national levels.

Weather insurance is very important in agriculture. Agriculture is a very risky business that can be affected by so many factors. Emmanuel Ndoyo (DACO-Zambezi District) states that the whole district of Zambezi is currently covered, and that there are around 2,900 insured farmers getting payouts for the first-time. It is thanks to the hard work of insurance companies like Mayfair, that farmers have been able to collect various inputs such as implements, chemicals, and seeds to help them improve their farming. These initiatives are boosting their home economies and hopefully giving them a positive outlook during this health crisis where things are challenging for almost each household.

For the first time farmers have been able to receive payouts from an insurance company and to recognize the valuable work that has been done in the district to educate and support them during an emergency. They are very appreciative of the tools that have been provided (hoes, seeds, pesticides), allowing them to face difficult circumstances and uplifting their livelihoods.  

With a big Thank You to:
Niza Banda, Index Insurance Analyst at Mayfair Insurance.
Mweene Monga, Manager Business Development at Mayfair Insurance.