Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture International Conference

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How would you describe the international landscape of initiatives to help smallholders manage their risks? How is the emerging market structured and who are the innovators? What have they learned so far, current constraints and future opportunities? What insurance, financing, and other risk mitigation products and services are already available? Which gaps need to be filled, and how?

These and related questions are the subjects of a global study by the Initiative for Smallholder Finance (ISF). Commissioned by the Syngenta Foundation, the study began in March. Its results will form a springboard for Syngenta Foundation's international conference in September 2018. Both the ISF study and the conference involve key organizations, including the World Bank Group, in the insurance landscape.

This conference will take the form of keynotes and panel discussions interspersed with expert interventions from the floor. Representing GIIF, Program Manager Fatou Assah will moderate Panel Session 1 titled "The provider perspective: Supporting the distribution of integrated solutions". ACRE Africa, a GIIF partner, will also participate.

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